From Corporate to Indie Documentary

Caesar and Rex

An absurd comedy series about a young man who is trying to put his life together after retiring from being a child model.

Faces of Life: Program Highlight

A short promotional video for a non-profit that provides aid to the people of New York.

Car Collector’s Event

An event for car collectors to come together and showcase their cars.

One World Observatory

Coverage of the phenomenal One World Observator’s grand opening.


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Daniel Pilpe

Chief Operations Officer
Born in 1982 in the city of Quito, Ecuador. Daniel is an International artist who has spent the majority of his life chasing a good story. His passion is to tell a great story through the use of graphics, photo and video. With camera in hand, Daniel has created and shot award winning video throughout the world.
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Larry Cerpas

Creative Director, VP
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Jaycee Davis Pilpe

Chief Executive Officer
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Miguel Pimentel

Technology Specialist
Born is 1981 in Bronx, NY. Miguel began using computers at a very young age. Eventually, he started working in HTML and CSS. He provides technical backup and know-how.

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