About EIT

Always Stand Out!

Our team is composed of designers, musicians, creators, filmmakers, business persons and other creative aficionados. We believe that the most important thing in branding and marketing is standing out. We are constantly in a state of information overload and it causes us to be desensitized to relevant marketing and advertising. It’s easy to get lost amid the noise.

New and emerging brands need to craft an identity so that they can connect to their customers and clients. Let the individuality of your business show because the customer will consistently relate easier to an individual. Humans are social creatures and this applies as much to interpersonal relationships as it does to marketing.

What is the story?

We use customer stories and brand stories to present your product. This allows your current customers assist you in evangelizing your product to future customers.

Engage Visually

The eye connects to the brain with minimal processing. World renown brands have made entire marketing campaigns around visually arresting images. We can distill your product or service to it's core and present that in the best way possible.

Experience matters

Big ideas don't matter if they aren't implemented properly. We have over six decades of combined experience crafting careful messages for maximum impact.

EIT Productions is...

Photo of Daniel Pilpe

Daniel Pilpe

Chief Executive Officer

Skilled Director and Producer with a proven track record in both marketing and sales.

Picture of Larry Cerpas

Larry Cerpas

Chief Operating Officer

Experienced Creative Director with a long history in media production. Visual storytelling is a passion.

Photo of Jaycee Pilpe

Jaycee Davis de Pilpe

Operations Director

Coordinator and Communicator extraordinaire, ensuring quality products.


Pablo Pilpe

Chief Financial Officer

Accounting, workflow analysis, budgeting and leadership keeps the lights on.


Lindsey Vasquez


A good producer coordinates and solves problems, a great producer prevents problems from happening.

Miguel Pimentel being attacked

Miguel Pimentel

Chief Technology Officer

Technology should always be a tool that gets out of the way and allows the work to be done at it’s best.

Understand your Customer

Research and Analysis

We collect all the data to guide us through the process of marketing and branding. We will learn what your clients motivations are, how often they buy similar products, consumption speed and more. Then we demystify that information for you, so that you can make the best choices.

your time to shine

Campaign Concept

We use the data obtained and any pre-existing data to create simple ideas that give your business or product the greatest visibility. This is the time for you to shine! We encourage our clients to be very involved during this process. Our staff will make sure that you are kept as involved as your choose to be.

Scaled to order

Costs and budgeting

Our finance team will create a financial chart detailing all the predicted costs of the campaign (including our costs). We will create a general budget that will guide our decisions moving forward. The team will scale the marketing campaign to your needs and financial capabilities. We will also calculate the potential and desired return on investment because it’s important to know eactly what kind of effect the campaign is having.

Right beside you

Analysis and adjustment

Our team runs analytic updates every week during your campaign to understand the development and growth of the campaign as it progresses. The information obtained will be used to improve messaging, reinforce gains and to learn what is working and what can be improved further. A campaign is ever-evolving and must be managed throughout it’s whole lifetime. At the end, we make a detailed report with full analysis and suggestions for the future.